Curriculum Vitae

I am currently the Scientific Coordinator at the Research Network Data Science at the University of Vienna.

Research Interests

  • Causal Inference
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Experimental Design


New York University
PhD in Political Methodology
Advisors: Cyrus Samii, Neal Beck, Josh Tucker

New York, NY
Granted May 2016

  • Dissertation: Essays on Causal Inference and Machine Learning with Application to Nonprofits
  • Winner of 2015 Williams Award for Best Dissertation Proposal in Political Methodology from the Society of Political Methodology

UNC Chapel Hill
B.A. in International and Area Studies with distinction

Chapel Hill, NC
Granted June 2010


University of Vienna

April 2021 - present

Scientific Coordinator

  • Supervisor: Philipp Grohs

Facebook Core Data Science

Sept 2016 - March 2021

Research Scientist

  • Part of Eytan Bakshy’s Adaptive Experimentation team
  • Developed statistical, machine learning and experimental methodology
  • Ran adaptive and contextual field experiments with a variety of product teams
  • Integrated advanced methodologies into a toolkit for scalable and automatic experimentation intended for optimization (Ax) - released at F8 2019)
  • Developed scalable methods for robust observational causal inference as the technical lead of our “CausalML” initiative

Princeton University

September 2015 - May 2016

Pre-doctoral fellow

  • Supervised by Kosuke Imai

Facebook Core Data Science

Summer 2015

Summer Intern

  • Statistical and Decision Science Team
  • Supervised by Eytan Bakshy



Internal datacamp class on designing and analyzing experiments


NYU Undergraduate

TA for Power and Politics in America (under Jonathan Nagler)

Fall 2014

TA for Games, Strategy and Politics (under Steven Brams)

Fall 2013

NYU Graduate

TA for Quantitative Methods II (under Nathaniel Beck)

Spring 2015

TA for Quantitative Methods II (under Cyrus Samii)

Spring 2014

High Performance Computing Talk for NYU Datalab

February 2014

Introduction to R for NYU Datalab

January 2013



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  • C.T Kullenberg, S.R. Mishra, Drew Dimmery, and the NOMAD Collaboration. (2012) "A search for single photon events in neutrino interactions." Physics Letters B

Working Papers / Non-archival


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